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The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had a goal

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 hada considerable goal. Various sourceshave called the uprising one of the bloodiest events in the province of West Java. At that time, there was a large-scale murder that claimed a lot of casualties.

In the past, there were various types of attacks.Thisincludedattacksin Sulawesi. Until 1950,massacreswere carried out in the province of West Java. The attack was leddirectlybycaptainWesTreling. He along with APRA (AngkatanWar Ratu Adil) along with800 people brutally committed various kinds of cruel acts.

APRA’s Abominable Uprising  in West Java

The bloody attack onthe victims of APRIS memberswas led by Pierre Westerling. It was in the 1950s that the attack occurred. This was done exactlyin January on the 23rd. Westerling reportedly had 500,000 troops forming asecret organization.

Itwas delivereddirectly by JM Verburgh who is the police commissionerfrom the Netherlands. Reports have been received sayingthat the secret organization is called Rato Adil Presatuan Indonesia. Meanwhile, the organizationhas armed units. This is called APRA.

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had specific goals. Upon its establishment, Westerling made contact with the commander-in-chief of the Dutch army named Bormann van Freyen. The meeting was held by Westerling to discuss the plan of the rebellion in the government of President Sukarno.APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 AD

Finally, when 1950 was on January 5, Pierre Westerlingsent his ultimatum to RIS. In essence, he asked that the RIS respect countries such as the state of Pasundan. He also asked the RIS to recognize that the APRA is a force and serves as a pseudonym army.

However, the ultimatum apparently went unanswered. Finally, he decided tocarry out a coup. And Sterlingand his followers shot to death the army they found. Several of his troops, along with Sergeant Meyer, were sent to the city of Jakartato make arrests against Sukarno.

APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 AD

This massive uprisingin the province of West Javawas carried out after Indonesia became independent. The resistance continued in various places until one day Indonesia effectively gained independence with its own hands.

However, it is likely that various conflictsor problemsoccurred after the declaration of independence. In fact, the APRA rebellion in West Java in 1950 had quite a lot of purpose.

  1. Maintaining RIS

Various negotiations were carried out bythe Dutch settlers and the Republic of Indonesia and there have always been parties of the Republic of Indonesiawhooften receive losses. For example, whennegotiations suchasLinggarty and Renville were conducted, but it turned out that the Dutch side denied it.

Various officials have carried out guidance for the Republic of Indonesia. However, there are also those who want RIS to remain. They are supporters of APRA. Supporters of the unified state were ultimately ineligible by the APRA party

  1. The Netherlands wants to be safe in Indonesia

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950was also intended to keep the Dutch safe in Indonesia. The existence ofthese settlersin Indonesia probably provideda great profitfor them. They receive funds from the colonies to live.

Of course, the advantages were obtained by the Dutch side from different fields. The APRA rebellion was also carried out as a way out to maintain its status in Indonesia.

  1. Pasundan countries can be preserved

Negara Federal Pasundan is actually part of RIS. The location is in the West Java district. The Dutch were able to support him along with the people who did not stand by the Republic of Indonesia. This is done withonly a promiseto the citizens of Indonesia.

  1. Establishment of a federal state

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950was aimed at establishing a federal state in the country. This is the main purpose of the creation of APRA. This is done bykilling various important factors to start the operation.

  1. Defending the military by itself

Bela Nade also wants to have his own army in his own country. The right to freedom to govern territory. Those who join the APRA are soldiers who are not accepted to the APRIS because they have no requirements. So, APRA will serve as the main army in the state of Pasundan.

Sadistic Uprising by APRA

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had a verysadistic goal. This rebellion left a very deep wound. Bandung is like the city of Matti in the early 1950s. Early in the morning, exactlyon January 23, 1950, the forces movedto various outposts in the city of Bandung.

The soldier is the leader ofRaymond Westerling, queen of the APRA. Movements continued to be carried out by APRAforces. They walked, rode on slopes, jeeps and more. These soldierswill rebel against civilians, seize goods, and perpetrate various kinds of torture.

The people of Bandung were terrified. All shops are closed. All the residents tried to save themselves from the rebel forces. The soldiers continued to disarm anyone who encountered them on the Chimindi road to Siberium. All the APRIS members they found were killed.

Even the crew members who were ready to leave towards their bases did not escape their cruelty. And Sterlingalong with his menneverwantedto shootthe APRIS soldiers he met. Not only were they gaineduh by shooting, APRIS soldiers were even chopped up like animals.

Their violent acts killed at least 61 TNI soldiers. The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 was intended to benefit the Dutch side, as well as to make the 18 civilians innocent. In fact, none of the APRA members were victims. This incident caused Bandung to become a dead city.

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The very heartbreaking incident in Bandung was also recognized by APRA. The group admitted to carrying out various types of evacuation of military personnel to civilian figures in Bandung.

In fact, Westerling does examine some important figures in the province of West Java. These figures includeColonel Sadkin, LieutenantSutoko as Deputy Chief of Staff of the SiliwaNGI Division, andMajor Mohammed Ribai as Chief of Military Information for the Military Governor-IV of West Java.

The other four are Lieutenant Colonel Santot Iskendeinte, Colonel Lantan Dr. Ari Sudwo who is chief of staff of the Silivangi Division, Sudjuno, who is a memberof the Pasundan state parliamentbut is pro-RI, and CPM Major Rohan Rosselli. The assassination planwas carried out by giving poison to 7 people.

But attempts to kill by mixing poison in their drinks probably failed to be carried outn. This is because one of the members knew about the program from the APRA which was very abominable. Finally, they planned to carry out live fire. However, it also did not work because each of the targets managed to escape.

The despicable actions of APRA can be a dark history for the Indonesian nation. In the post-independence era, various forms of rebellion occurred, which caused Indonesia to crumble. The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 was aimed at weakening the Republic of Indonesia and destroying its government.

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