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Cara Mengatasi Killer ControL Center Service Not Working

Sometimes you meet killer controL center service not running on PC, of course it will be very ganggu. Even though this killer police service center has a very important role when running many applications that require the Internet.   Without killer control center, it can cause your PC to run slowly on your PC.

Maybe there are still many of you who are not familiar with the functions and operation of the Killer Control Center. Of course, this will make you even more confused if you encounter a killer control center issue that is not running. For those of you who have problems with the Killer Control Center,  you don’t need to panic. Because it won’t make your PC damaged.

For the cause itself, it is very diverse, of course, it requires a detailed check on your laptop if you want to know. Because it can be said that it is quite difficult to knowthe exact cause of the service of the  killer production center that is not working.   Maybe you need to check all the possibilities that exist in order to find out the cause.

Especially if you don’t have computer experience, the problem at the killer control center is certainly very hard to find the problem. It can be said that fixing it is easy and difficult. Because you need to know in advance the cause , which is quite difficultto know for sure. Only as soon asthe cause is known can you determine the steps you need to take to make improvements.

Without knowing the cause first, you need to make improvements by trying all the existing methods. Thus, it is certainly unpredictable how long it takes to make repairs.  If you’re out of luck, fixing the killer control center service that isn’t working will take a long time.

What is a Killer Control Center?

Simply put, a killer control center can be interpreted as software that checks all the applications running on your PC. Apart from that, it can also be used to prioritize important applications to occupy more bandwidth.  This way, applications that get bandwidth priority can run quickly and smoothly.

Based on the above explanation, of course, you now know how important a killer control center is on a PC. Without a killer control center, the performance of applications that require more connections will be disrupted. Afterall, you play a video game online, but you stream youTube and download files as well.

Let’s just say that your priority is online video games, you need to give online video games a greater bandwidth capacity. Because if it is not done, it will make the tapeevenly divided  into all applications. This can disrupt your gaming activities due to a slow connection.

With the appearance of the killer control center service not working , this will obviously make you unable to use your PC as needed. And maybe you’ll feel frustrated because when you use many apps that require the internet, everything runs very slowly.

The Penyebab Killer ControL Center service is not running

By using the killer control center, you can run your favorite apps smoothly. Especially for those of you who love online gaming, using a killer control center can make your gaming activities work without slowing down. But for various reasons, this killer control center can have problems.

When this killer control center service is stopped, it will ensure that bandwidth is distributed toall applications. In this way, maybe some problems will arise when you use a PC. Problems may arise when you performactivities such as playing game online, downloading, downloading, streaming, browsing, etc.

One of the reasons why the killer controL center service is not running is that you are using the killer control center with the old version. An outdated version can make ControlCenter unable to work on your PC. Therefore, you need to update the killer control center to the latest version.

However, updating to the latest version is not necessarily certain to fix the problem. This may be due to an error when updating to the latest version. For this reason, make sure that the update steps have been completed correctly.

Killer control centers can also be caused by third parties such as antiviruses. Third-party software such as aBullGuard ntivirus can prevent the killer control center from working properly. If a problem occurs on the motherboard, it may also prevent the Killer Control Center service from appearing.

How to troubleshoot the Basic Killer ControL Center service that is not running

Themost important thingto fix the problem in the killer control center is to restart your PC. Restarting your PC is the first step you can take when your PC is having problems. Restarting the PC can fix the problems that occur in the killer control center. To get unkukannyes you can press the Start menu then Power then select Restart.

The second basic method is to check that all the hardware or hardware  can work properly. Komputer contains various components that are interconnected with each other. The computer hardware can work with benar if the driver works perfectly. Outdated drivers can damage the hardware or malfunction.

Therefore, make sure that the installed driver is a driver that is still compatible with your PC.  Faulty or defective hardware is one of the causes of the  killer control center service not working.  For this, when you encounter problems with the killer control center, check all your hardware, whether it works well or not.

Steps to Overcome Killer ControL Center Service Not Working

If the above basic methods cannot resolve the problem that is occurring, you can practice the following steps to resolve it. The first step is to temporarily disable a third-party’s antivirus. Sometimes, antiviralscan cause some programs to not work properly.

If thepatchwork step  doesn’t work, you can perform the second step, which is to install the uninstall antivirus installed on your PC.  Uninstalling your PC antivirus  can damage your PC against virus attacks. Therefore, you can reinstall it when thek iller control center workedas it was. If you are using Windows 10, you can uninstall the antivirus in the following way:

  1. Click Start, and then select Settings.
  2. Select apps.
  3. Click on apps and fitures, then find the antivirus you are using. Click antivirus and select Uninstall.

If the second step still fails, you can update the killer control center. Using a killer control center with an older version can lead to problems. To perform the update,  follow these steps:

  1. visit the official website killer control center.
  2. Find and download the latest version.
  3. Manually install the new version on your computer.

Or you too for you Windows users, you can do it by opening the Microsoft Store. After that, select Downloadsand Updates, then select Killer Control Center, and then click Get Update. Updating the killer control centerorl is a pretty powerful way to overcome the killer control center service that is not working.

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