Choose a platform with high credibility : CekResi

Choose a platform with high credibility : CekResi

Good to Choose Online Loans aGo Not Wise

Be sure to be good at choosing online loans when you are in need. That’s because the platform itself is very much in Indonesia. Its development occurred in recent years where this system began to become familiar to the public. Its introduction was accompanied by an increasing number of such companies.

Of course, not all online loans have high quality. Some are still new in age, so the quality offered may not be as desired. If you are scammed and have such a platform, you may be at a disadvantage. That’s because it could be that the platform is actually hurting you.

In order not to be deceived and make the wrong choice, a selective nature when choosing it is indispensable. With this selective nature, the quality he gets is definitely as desired. Actually, there are some tips that need to be considered when choosing it. Always be good at choosing an online loan by paying attention to the following tips.

Choose a platform with high credibility

The first tip when choosing an online loan is to pay attention to its credibility. The yardstick of one’s own credibility is not that complicated. The most important point of this credibility lies in the registration with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. If a loan is cleared, the loan must be registered with OJK. How to check it yourself is very simple.

There are already many functions on the internet to check if the loan is registered with OJK. Be sure to be good at choosing online loans by paying attention to this point. If a platform is not registered with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, it means that the platform is illegal. Illegal platforms can hurt you because interest is too high and the like.

The requirements for a platform with high credibility lie next on the site or website. A platform with high credibility definitely has an official website or application with an established look. Do not choose a loan that uses a free website. Do not also choose loans that provide offers via WA and SMS.

Its credibility is highly questionable if the official website and application alone are not owned. In addition, sites and applications of quality borrowers always provide complete information from the pinjole itself. important information such as interest rates and loan options.  Creating such a matrix is not as easy as it seems.

With it can be ascertained that the site has high credibility. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the call center as a form of being good at choosing online loans. A quality platform always provides quality CS for its consumers. Quality CS is always easy when contacted.

In fact, some advanced platforms enable CS for up to 24 hours. This condition will obviously benefit the consumer. With CS continuing to be active for a long time, every question from consumers will be fully answered. The answer from CS is also definitely satisfactory, so it’s impossible for consumers to feel like it’s anything less than the answer.

Also, make sure the platform won’t hurt consumers

In addition to having high credibility, being good at choosing online loans can  also be proven by choosing a platform that does not harm consumers. The first point in this case is, of course, interest. When borrowing on a loan, it is impossible for the loan not to be accompanied by interest. The flowers must be there in varying quantities.

It is from this interest that the owner of the platform will have an advantage and be able to maintain his business. Indeed, in the loan itself, one of the main difficulties lies in the presence of daily interest. Haria interest must be paid if payment is past due. Daily interest is actually something common.

But on some platforms, day-to-day interest is often too high. In fact, there are some who set a daily rate of more than 2%. Now imagine that you borrowed 10 million rupiah with a daily rate of 2%. With it, interest per day reaches 200 thousand rupiah.

If the payment is a month late, the interest rate has reached 6 million rupiah. this is quite remarkable considering that the amount is more than half of the original loan. As a form of being good at choosing an online loan, be sure to choose a platform with an interest rate of not more than 1%.

It is the standard fee chosen and proposed by the FSA. Therefore, choose another platform if the daily interest alone is more than 1%. Do not forget to also take into account the loan mechanism of a platform. If the loan mechanism alone is not clear, you may suddenly be charged in an amount that is too large.

This issue is usually experienced when the chosen platform is not transparent when it comes to providing loan details. Therefore, always choose a pinjol that is open in this case. As a rule of thumb, there are 3 main things in the mechanism. The three things include repayment limits, simulations of installments, and interest.

Some of the best platforms and their contacts

As a form of being good at choosing online loans, not all platforms can be chosen. There are several that are worth choosing because of the advantages they have. The first choice is MoneyMan. MoneyMan itself is actually more devoted to students. This allows students to meet their needs when they are on the run.

Most loans are intended only for workers. The official office of UangTeman itself is located in South Jakarta. For more information, the CS can be contacted at 021-8062-3000. Next up is Kredivo. This is one of the fastest growing online loans. Its popularity is constantly rising.

When one first registers, one can get a limit of up to 30 million rupiah. the amount is certainly not a small amount. Kredivo itself is available either in the form of an application or an official website. The contact itself can be contacted on the hour. To contact him, call 0807-1573-348.

KTA Instan can also be used as a way to prove that you are good at choosing online loans. Its popularity is not as high as other names in this review. That’s because the special feature of instant KTA lies in the income limit of the borrowers. When someone wants to borrow there, the person’s income should not be less than 3 million rupiah.

If the income is less, then further processing cannot be carried out. Online KTA itself can be chosen when you often feel awkward by some online loans that require borrowers to meet many requirements. The process here is quite simple because it will be completed within 1 minute.

Finally, Credit Pintar may also be an option. The uniqueness of smart credit lies in the requirements, some only need an ID card to be able to disburse funds there. When borrowing, a person will be asked to take a selfie with the ID card.

Tips when borrowing for online loans

Even if the loan is made online, it does not mean that some can be arbitrary in the payment. Trying to choose an online loan will be useless if someone remains not serious about payment. If you can, always make a payment before you are due.

With it, you will become calmer and reduce the possibility of forgetting to pay. Keep in mind that there is a daily rate that will be charged if you pay late. Instead of losing large sums of money because of it, always make sure to pay as quickly as possible.

Do not forget to also selectively choose the platform. If you make the wrong choice, some bad opportunities may arise. These poor opportunities include high interest rates, impractical billing processes, and compromised privacy. Always make sure to be selective, careful and good at choosing online loans.

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