How to check Gojek’s own income : ALAMATPRO

How to check Gojek’s own income : ALAMATPRO

How to easily check Gojek Receipts for Gosend services

Checking the gojek receipts, especially for gosend services, is very easy; with this convenience, the sender will not be difficult when he wants to know where the goods arrive.This convenience is definitely not only the sender’s feeling.The recipient can also feel comfortable.  Gosend itself is one of the features of Gojek.

This is the form of development that gojek continues to make. This company has now become a very big company. His own age has been long enough. The first time the gojek was established in 2010. Initially, this company simply supplies transportation in the form of a motorcycle or car.

But the more you come here, the more services indonesians need. A lot of the service has enabled the development to go until the Discovery of Gosend.But when using it, there are many users who don’t know how to check specific  gojek revenue for the Gosend service.This certainly makes it confusing.

How to check Gojek’s own income

Gosend is a feature of shipping from Gojek that makes the sender not having to go directly to the recipient; enough to give the item to the driver and the driver will send it to the recipient.Since you are not participating in the delivery, not knowing the latest location of the goods can be uncomfortable.

The sender becomes confused when calculating the estimated time the goods arrive. Therefore, knowing how to check specific gojek revenue for gosend services   is very important. knowing, peace will be felt by the sender;if you want to do a follow-up, there are many options to do.

The first option is to use a gojek application. This is the easiest way. When following the application application, you will not know the latest location of the goods through writing. But in the application, the latest location of the goods will be displayed through the folder. This has its advantages.

When a place shows in the form of an address, some people often don’t know the address. This makes it necessary for users to find the address first. Once the latest location is acquired in the form of a folder, users will immediately imagine where the location is.  Specific gojek revenue checks for Gosend services  can also be done through call centers.

To do this, customers can contact the Gojek call center first. From the call centre, explain the request to find the latest location. Later, CS would give some questions as to whether there was a good outcome. If the question is answered successfully, CS will clear the latest location of the package delivered.

The last way to check gojek revenue, especially for  Gosend services  , is to use online store applications.Of course, this can only be done if a customer buys a product from an online store.Using online shopping requests is also very easy because the receipts from these shipments don’t need to be seen.

Type of delivery when wearing Gosend

When using Gosend, please note that there are two types of shipping that can be used;To choose, customers need to know the difference between the two types of delivery first;the difference itself is very much;customers can see differences in terms of price and time.

For the first category of delivery itself is called Gosend Instant Delivery; this is the most popular type of gojek delivery.  Specific Gojek reception checks for Gosend services  are mainly used for this category; when choosing this strain, the delivery cannot operate at a distance of more than 40 km.

From this distance, the driver’s maximum travel time will take about 120 minutes. However, this service is only available to entrepreneurs in major cities. It has been noted that Jabodetabek and Bandung are the cities where the service is most used. There is a maximum weight of the package when used. The maximum weight itself is 20 kilograms.

In addition, the maximum size must also be considered. The maximum size of the goods for this shipment is 50 X 70 X 50. The price itself is very cheap. The fee per KM is only 2,500 rupiah. However, there is minimal shipping cost. Users cannot use instant delivery at a cost of less than 20 thousand rupiah.

The second category is called Gosend Same day.   Checking specific gojek receipts for the same day gosend service is not as much as immediate delivery. Therefore, this service is only used for long-distance delivery; the travel time is also farther.Drivers can deliver the same day package for up to 8 hours.

This makes transportation between cities even faster. However, there is the minimum amount of interest to be paid. The same day can only be used if the cost is higher than 150 billion rupees. If calculated, the cost is very simple. For 30 kilometers, the sender only had to spend as much as 150 thousand rupees.

Pros when using Gosend in Shipping

When scanning specific gojek revenue for a Gosend service  conveniently, the advantages of this feature will be felt.The first benefit is at speed.If the user uses expedition services, the fastest package delivery is 1 day;it can also be done only for nearby locations.

When using Gosend, the maximum time is only 8 hours; this is very profitable and helps if the delivery is urgently processed;the practice is also visible when using this feature.This practice is very clear because the sender does not have to go to the service location.

Before you can check a specific gojek receipt for a Gosend service, drivers will pick up packages to the front of the house.This makes other activities relentless but shipping can still be done.Another benefit that is often not noticed in the delay.Some people often complain about the high cost of sending a gojek.

In fact, this statement is not true. When sent using a gojek, the driver will send the package using a motorcycle. Fuel delivered is certainly not as expensive as a car. This makes interest rates much more expensive.  Obviously different things will be felt when using other designs.

These designs often make shipping by car. Since the use of cars requires a large amount of fuel, the cost of shipping is certainly high. Another of the Gosend applications is in the safety of the goods; when using it, the package is guaranteed to be safe until it reaches its destination.

That is because, assigned drivers have gone through training and selection. With it, drivers can guarantee trust. In addition, the name and contact of the driver is clearly expressed. It allows customers to know the driver who makes the delivery. Despite the damage, gojek provides insurance for every delivery.

Gojek has many useful features

Few people know the new nature of the gojek. Even in addition to Gosend, there are many useful features; one of the most important features is the goauto name.This is the nature of the online auto service.If your vehicle is damaged, this service prevents you from leaving the house for repair.

In addition, the goauto service also provides a car wash feature. This caused the washerwoman from the goauto to come to the consumer’s home. It also has a feature called gomassage. This is the nature of the masseuse call. With this feature, those of you with the symptoms can bring the best masseur to the house.

Gojek is a company that continues to grow. Although the name is already very large, changes will continue to occur in the years ahead. But in addition to its principal function as an online bike, Gosend’s administration  is definitely one of the most popular.You as a user must be very comfortable with the services and methods of checking gojek revenue exclusively for  easy Gosend services  .

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