If more detailed, the units in this areahave several important fugs, including: : Blog1

If more detailed, the units in this areahave several important fugs, including: : Blog1

History of LPSE Western Java, its main functions and functions

Have you used  LPSE West Java services? Like other similar services in the region, this agency serves to manage technology and information. This is done to facilitate the purchase of goods and services by electronic means.

LPSE itself refers to the electronic shopping service. In this case, you can find purchasing offices in institutions and regional agencies that do not have LLPSE electronic. In addition to facilitating officials, it also serves the reg istration of suppliers of goods and there is a p in the local area.

 History of LPSE West Java

There have been several important events that are at the heart of the establishment of the institution. Are you interested in knowing this? True, in 2009, the government of West Java Province apparently decided to overhaul or change the structure of SOTK or a governing organization in The Western Java region.

Some of the changes that have been made, one of them is the formation of a new unit. This is the Western Java LPSE.   The new procurement unit is essentially a combination of the procurement services division and the LPSE. This decision was actually made in accordance with the briefing of Korsupgah and kpk’s Deputy Director of Prevention.

At that time, the establishment of such units was also agreed. Finally, the West Java County government officially owned the LPSE unit and was ratified in accordance with current legislation on  the establishment of LPSE when  local lig was read, more precisely, Act No.112 of 2018.

The bureau is now under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic and Development. Implementing a mixture of goods and services procurement on the stock exchange is an important task. This is  done through the services of k o ordination. In this way, the new unit provides joint services for all communities in the governorate of West Java Province.

The exchange also has some great partners to do its job more easily. Some of the partners accompanying it include LKPP or the Public Procurement Policy Institute. The other partners are INAPROC and the Legal Documents and Information Network / JDiH of the Provincial Administration of West Java.

 LPSE Functions of Western Java

Then, what about the functions of the unit? There are a lot of tasks on the stock exchange. One of the tasks to be completed is to coordinate the implementation of tasks in regional devices. They are also responsible for the implementation of administrative services in the purchase of goods and services.

The management of goods and services includes electronic management, advocacy for the power of the province, and the implementation of assistance in accordance with its mission. Decocentration is also one of their main tasks. Not only that, but the West Java LPSE  unit must also shape general policy and administrative coordination.

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If more detailed, the units in this areahave several important fugs, including:

  1. Bureau of Services and Goods Trade

In this case, the LPSE has the responsibility to run the Bureau of Goods and Services Procurement. This should be done by employees in accordance with the requirements of the work.

  1. Organization of general policy formulas

West Java County Lpse also  serves as an organizer for administrative coordination, guidance, supervision, general policy formation, and control over the procurement of goods and services.

  1. Baholash

The unit also has a function in conducting evaluations. In addition, the report on the results of the fulfillment of the tasks on the procurement of goods and services should be carried out correctly.

  1. Other functions

In addition to the above three functions, the unit also has a function to perform. The performance of the functions referred to herein is to perform other functions in accordance with their main functions and duties.

In this case, the establishment of the LSFA is clear proof of government. The governorate of The Province of West Java is very serious in ensuring that the tasks that need to be well absorbed are carried out. Thus, the goal of increasing the efficiency, efficiency and quality of the task will work smoothly without any obstacles.

Legal basis for LPSE establishment

What is the basis for the establishment of the LPSE  in The West Java Region?  Indeed, the procurement unit was established as much as possible to ensure that all duties and obligations were fulfilled with full responsibility. The LPSE in any provincial government also has its own legal basis.

Then the  legal basis of te r is used as the basis for its formation. There is a pa foundation that really lays the groundwork for the founding of the most important institution. Some of them are:

  1. Improving the quality of human resources

One of the foundations that formed this institution was the further improvement of the quality of human resources. With the help of this institution, everything can be made easier with the help of electronic means. Thus, people can participate in the development of their skills.

  1. Enhancing the role of the company

The foundation of other Western Java LPSE  services needs a greater role in the development of society. Not only that, but also the media in this matter are desperately needed to participate in the development sector.

  1. Development of technology media

In a world as advanced as it is now, technology really needs to be improved. The existence of LPSE is also based on technological progress. This is done in support of cultural preservation to economic growth in Indonesia.

  1. More optimal use of technology

The use of technology should be carried out as optimally as possible. Doing the work with mature and accurate technology makes everything so much easier. This is the foundation of the institution.

  1. Texnologiyani yoqish

At the same time, the  establishment  of the LPSE West Java installation is also aimed at further optimizing technology enhancement. If the technology has optimal power, then efficiency in doing the work will be achieved more easily and more rapidly.

2  types associated with LPSE

To improve services to the community, this institution is divided into several types. Two types related to such institutions can be found below:

  1. LPSE Service Provider

One of the types of LPSE is this unit. Organizations belonging to this institution include the person responsible for the field of user services. There is also the field of chairmanship, verification and registration in the field of socialization and training.   Everything is set up as much as possible to create a good working environment

  1. LPSE System Maintainer

Unlike a service provider, the entity is quite numerous in its order. The reason for this is that it has its own website address. So, they are in charge of managing the database on their own and performing certain other functions.

For example, the system socializes with providers and service procurement, conducts training, checks melay a, and some information. The information that needs to be verified will usually have permissions based on their fields, starting with actions, SIUP, KTP.

Server administration is also done across both types above. In this case, the LPSE is really much needed, as electronic purchases of goods make everything easier. Not only that, but it will be more transparent.

The work will become easier, more accountable, while optimization will be easier to achieve when implementing government spending. It is all  done in accordance with the tasks and functions set by the Western Java LPSE.