Information about autosales is all available at the Call Center : DIMENSIKU

Information about autosales is all available at the Call Center : DIMENSIKU

Four Permata Call Center services  you can try

The Permata Communication Center is not just a platform and bridge between bank official employees and their customers, where customers can file complaints and questions. The communication center can also be used as a communication center to deliver the necessary information from customers related to the bank’s product.

As one of the trusted banks , Permata Bank  can provide a variety of services to customers andtheir nineties .    These various services are definitely created to facilitate all the loads that customers own. One of them is the debt and savings service easily.

If you had to go to  the  nearest Permata office to get this information in the past, you can now request complete information through the  Permata Contact Center. You will be contacted immediately with officers with the ability and information to answer all your questions about the product.

Simply calculate the phone number that has been notified, then you will contact the bank directly. So, what are the banking products whose information is  obtained through the Permata Connection Center? Here is a complete review of the various high-end products of Permata Bank that you can find out about.

Information about autosales is all available at the Call Center

One of the top products offered to its customers is the single-store product. Covers a variety of types, including payments, savings, mutual funds, current accounts, even for real estate services.  There are  still many types of Permata Bank retail products  that can enjoy the benefits. To that end, get enough information.

You can easily find information that is connected to the store and the public products above available through the Permata Connection Center. This connection service will not be suspended 24 hours a day. So, you can contact Permata  Bank  at any time, unlimited time, and the response is certainly quick.

This service is an automatic connection because it is answered with a response device that automatically responds. However, the answers given are still high quality and are based on real officers who have full information about products previously sold and try calling now to get the information.

The single-seller products offered are more common and canbe used  by anyone for any need  . You can also create a credit card through this service as you need. These days, everything is done easily and easily, without further effort.

Do you want to go to the pilgrimage? Get Sharia information through the Permata Communication Center

Permata Bank also  offers sharia  products that are friends of Muslim customers, and the type is not fundamentally very different from public sales. The only thing that is special is that this sharia product provides savings services to enter the Hajj.

Of course, who doesn’t like to worship the Hajj and  is facilitated  by the Permata Bank  ? This hajj savings are easy for customers who plan to make the pilgrimage to save the cost, and it doesn’t burden the customer in any way. Just follow the needs that have been given.

There are also benefits provided  by  Permata Bank  in this case customers are very reprehensible. You can get full information through the  Permata Contact Centre in 1500111. The benefits that can be made include not only the money saved, but also the assurance of the pilgrimage.

What is the doubt about this guarantee of going to the Hajj on the basis of Siskohat at the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia? Don’t talk about that, the initial payment you give is small, which is 250,000 euros, even for the next time for 50,000 ropees. The administrator’s fee is also free without any conditions within a month.

To save transactions, it’s very easy. You can do it anywhere in Permata Bank offices  , all public and all sharia. You can request complete information through the  Permata Connection Center provided by the bank.

Providing your work needs through SME products

Business is one of the good chances to make a profit. But, people often face obstacles when they want to start their new business. Therefore, Permata Bank  is coming with the SME product provider to help you provide all your business needs. Do you like using this service?

If you would like to test this product, you can find information through the Permata Connection Center. Through this connection, you can get answers that are solvable, complete and accurate, even though they are answered with a self-response device. All you have to do is put a 1500399 number or send an email to .

a type of SME product offered is a stable loan This stable loan can be useful as your business capital. The benefit you can get from this service is that you will definitely be financial for all your business needs later. Of course, it’s very profitable.

The payment schedule also uses a payment  plan  in the form of a installment arranged with the customer’s cash flow. Using this debt service is stable in addition to helping to provide funds and also helps to smooth out the cash flow of the business the customer is running. You must now try and feel the benefits.

Business finances can also be acquired early

The latest product you can get information from the Permata Communications Center is business payments.  Permata Bank  provides you with a large business with others. Of course, this service is useful for providing security for the transactions you make for your business.

There are many benefits you can get from this service, for example, providing guarantees to banks that your business trusts more. Not only that, commercial transactions have also ensured security through internal and external data collection facilities.  Of course, your business is protected.

Does not refer to skbdn and LC exit and receipt facilities, which will help you expand your business abroad with confidence as well as easily. This is a very convenient facility for you, isn’t it? because this business really needs protection and guarantees.

This business is actually dangerous and dangerous if you are not aware of its security. Therefore, it is necessary to be a highly trusted party in caring about matters related to this kind of business. If your business is safe, there are certainly many profits you make.

To be able to contact Permata  to get complete information about this product, you can download it on the same SME service button, which is for the 1500399 number. Just go and say what you want to ask, and then it will be answered immediately.

There are still many profitable products that can actually enjoy the Permata Bank  , all of which are designed for what you need. Now, what else are you hesitant about all the products above? Just contact the  Permata Contact Center to learn more about the products above.

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