Tips for Preparing Dongkal Cake Ingredient Making : DesaCanggu

Tips for Preparing Dongkal Cake Ingredient Making : DesaCanggu

Oglejte si http recept-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat untuk Kue Dongkal Delicious

Maybe many don’t know the traditional cups whose recipes you can find at http this recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat . Yes, Dongkal Cake or also known as Awug Cake is a type of traditional food that originates in West Jave. These foods taste sweet and savoury.

At first glance, the look of this traditional cake is quite similar to putu cake, which is often sold around, because this food also has palm sugar in it. This salty and unique sweet taste makes Dongkal Cake, which people love very much and is still widely sold today.

In fact, to make this traditional cake is not difficult. There are, however, some specific tips that need to be made to make the composition and texture of the food palating and fit into your mouth. Because if it is wrong in the processing process, it is possible that the Dongkal cake that you make will have a hard texture and will be less palaned.

A selection of fresh ingredients and the right processing techniques are the keys to the success of this traditional cake recipe. Referencing from http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat, here are some tips and recipes for making dongkal cakes that are delicious and delicious and become family favorites. You can start learning it.

Tips for Preparing Dongkal Cake Ingredient Making

The main step you need to take before starting the process of making dongkal cakes is to prepare the various ingredients you need. To make this cake, the ingredients aren’t actually too hard to get. In fact, you only need a few main ingredients such as rice flour, palm sugar, coconut and pandanus.

Make sure that you are using fresh ingredients in the production. For example, when choosing coconut, choose fresh coconut so that your dongkal biscuit will be soft and tastes odourless. For flour alone, you can break the rice until it is smooth and eat the flour.

You can use palm sugar in solid or crystal form for the palm sugar used. However, it would be better to use poured palm sugar. This is designed to be so that the sugar is not too refined and still tastes sweet in the mouth without bothering it when chewing.

Don’t forget to prepare fresh panda leaves as well. The use of pandan foliage in this dongkal tort is to make the cookie silence soft and fragrant. So that in the course of the course, not only the sweet and savoury taste, but also the clear pandan aroma, which even more spoils the mouth.

In addition to the four main ingredients, just don’t forget to add some salt as needed. The goal is to make the taste or taste of dongkal cakes more balanced. Not only sweet coconut flavor, but also deliciously salty according to the recipe http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat.

Look out for steps in a pair of rice flour

After preparing the various ingredients needed to make dongkal cake, you can now proceed to the next level, either at the processing or making of the cake. Of course, this is the most anticipated moment. In addition to materials that are easy to get, how to make it is no less easy, even for beginners.

http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat offers recipes and production steps that you can practice directly. The first is the preparation of rice flour, where you must smash the rice until it is smooth and sown. However, if you have prepared rice flour, you can immediately pars it with pandan.

Then we give a few pieces of panda leaves to make the aroma fragrant. If so, you can start steaming two. Don’t forget to amplue the bottom with a clean napkin. Wait up to 20 minutes for steam time. If it is already 20 minutes, you can remove it from the steam and leave to cool.

Once cool, you can move it to another bowl while adding some salt. Then soften the money by hand while adding a little for a little water. Make sure the grain is grainy, but still coaguliše when it is hand-shaped. Then, to distribute the granules evenly, there are no large snowmous.

Prepare fillers and mold d fromDongkal cake

The next step in http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat in the manufacture  of delicious  dongkal cake is to print it before you start to mate again. If it has been ready to use, you can prepare the next equipment, which is mold, which for its diameter is 12 cm. Little after a little you can give money.

Make sure the mould is not filled immediately with flour. Fill it out of a quarter of the mold, then overwrite it with a cast of palm sugar. It doesn’t have to be too dense, it’s important that the sugar is evenly distributed on the surface of the flour. Then rewrite it with flour. Make it about three layers.

http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat also then steer that if everything is in the mold, then you can start steaming. Don’t forget to burn the steam water. It’s made so that the mating process goes perfectly, and it’s well cooked, so it’s not hard.

The advice for pairing this cookie so that it is cooked equally is to hole it in the middle of the printed print. Thus, steam in the steam process can enter the interior and help with the process of cooking the for thorough cooking. Wait about 30 minutes.

Tips for Dongkal andGar Cakes are getting more delicious

The last step of http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat in  making dongkal pastry is  to serve them. Of course you can’t wait to try, can you? To make it more delicious, don’t let it serve you wrong. Next are tips for serving after 30 minutes dongkal cake is steamed and cooks perfectly.

First, you have to save the coconut, which was ready at the beginning. After sliced and pressed water, you can start steaming the coconut for a few minutes until it is cooked and gently twisted. It doesn’t take too long because the sharpened coconut can lose its texture, so it’s less palaeoty-free if it eats.

When you are finished steaming, allow the temperature to drop and cool for a while. After that, you can spray the boiled coconut on top of the cooked dongkal cake. Or you can serve it with you. After http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat, you can  enjoy it by whiping it into sliced coconut.

You can now enjoy the sweet taste of palm sugar, in addition to salty coconut sanding, as well as the soft texture of the pandanus flavour, which is tempting. Who doesn’t want to try this traditional cake right away? Of course, one family will love it, and they enjoy it many times without being bored.

Isn’t it hard to make this simple and delicious cake? As long as the ingredients you choose are fresh and correct, then you can definitely serve this delicious cake. All ingredients can also be found anywhere without headaches. This recipe doesn’t cost much, too.

Now, you can try this easy recipe for making traditional Western Java cakes. There is no need to fear failure, as there is no process of making icing on the cards, which are too difficult and require special techniques. You just need to rehearse these simple recipes and tips from http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat.

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