What Is Take Me Service : Nobar

What Is Take Me Service : Nobar

Take Me Up, Infinix Service Center for You

As one of the most popular modern brands in Indonesia today, you can easily find Infinix service centers in  a variety of locations. As we know, Infinix is one of the brands that is on the rise today. The number of users continues to grow every day.

How not, this Chinese brand introduces a variety of quality smartphone products at a very affordable price. This is what drove him to grow the market. Its sales also rose sharply in various regions of the country.

Although always trying to provide the best product to consumers, the name hurt still exists. For those of you who are serious about this problem, don’t worry. There are a variety of ways you can contact the Infinix service center directly.

The more ways you can try to communicate with the service center, the more there is one way we highly recommend it. This method is to use the Take Me Up Service. This is a superior service from Infinix to its customers.

What Is Take Me Service

The pick-me-up service is a service offered by Infinix customers whose distance from their home to the nearest service center is more than 30 km or more than 2 hours driving if they are using a car. Of course, this service is going to be very helpful for those who really this has forced.

This service incorporates maps and location features on your Infinix smartphone. Once your location is automatically detected in the system. If you are confirmed to have made the data fake and pretend to be remotely just because you wanted to get service, of course your application will be rejected.

That’s why those of you who want to contact infinix service center Infinix service center using this one approach should seriously consider the most important criteria first. Given the large number of Infinix users at the moment, Of course you have to be patient because there has to bea special queue when ordering this Take Me Up Service.

This service is actually very useful to simplify the steps of your various Infinix product improvements you have. But of course there are some conditions you have to meet before you do.

Terms and Conditions of Use of Service Take Me Up

Using Infinix brings me to the service center service, it means that you have agreed that the terms and conditions imposed by the developer. If any of these criteria for which you have been notified cannot be met, this service service is considered one that cannot be held for you.

Thus you have to understand what the terms and conditions listed apply to. Right off the bat, here’s a more detailed description of the terms and conditions using the Upgrade Me Up Service for infinix product customers.

  1. The Take Me Up Service can only be used by those who have Infinix products with a warranty. If warranty has expired, this service is no longer valid.
  2. To get to this Infinix service center, the seal of the item to be repaired must be incomplete. If a seal is confirmed to have been damaged, broken or repaired elsewhere, then your right to this service is considered lost.
  3. The LCD and Touchscreen for your Infinix smartphone is still this much lacking. If there are fragments or vandalism, then your rights to access this service are considered lost.
  4. You must attach a warranty card to the goods when the service is used. Not only that, you should also attach a clarification of receipts for the purchase of the repair package.
  5. Attach a photo of the last production status to be sent to an Infinix service center . The image must be sent to the address email provided by Infinix.
  6. Prepare a box or box to wrap up your injured Infinix unit. Also, make sure to make the Packaging properly so that Infinix products can avoid all kinds of collisions during the service center journey.
  7. Customers who can access this service are those who have received a confirmation email from Infinix Center and approved to make repairs immediately. After this phase, the informer will come immediately to pick up your items.

Make sure you meet these requirements when you want to use the Pick Me Up Service service from the Infinix service center . If there’s only one criteria you don’t meet, of course the process of applying an improvement you want will never be approved.

That situation can’t be improved with Take Me Service Feature

As we have already mentioned, there are several types of products that cannot be repaired at the service center through the Pick Me Up Service program or other service programs. You should avoid this situation so your product can still get warranty of warranty and maintenance until it’s full. Immediately here are some of the reasons:

  1. The warranty period for the Infinix product you purchased expired. If the bail period has been missed, Infinix will not be responsible for any kind of injury you experience.
  2. The trauma you experience is due to human errors. So it does not have a defect of the engine or part of the smartphone infinix in the part itself.
  3. Your Infinix phone has been repaired elsewhere before it was repaired by Infinix.
  4. Damage caused by natural disasters

But for those of you who have products with the above requirements, you can still access Infinix service center services. However, the cost of the service is paid after the repairs are carried out.

Sida loo helo PIck Me Up Service Infinix

Please understand, there are a few steps you should take to get this Service Upgrade Me. What you need to understand in advance is that the VP Pick Up Ser will take your products to the central service center. Operating time of this service is Monday  through  Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 WIB.

The confirmation time required to receive news from the central infinix service center is 1×24 hours. Follow these steps to find the best service on this one:

  1. Send email toid@carlcare.com address
  2. Complete the email theme: Bring Me Infinix Service – (Your City)
  3. Complete the following data in the email you sent:

3.1  Full name

3.2  Cinwaanka Full

3.3 Mobile Number

3.4 City/City/District occupancy

3.5 ZIP Code for your region

3.6  Hours Product Lifting

3.7 Modern infinix versions you have

3.8 IMEI Number  of your Infinix product (15 digits)

3.9 Product colors

3.10 Types of damage experienced by your product

3.11 HP Status Images and Other Sending Devices

If you have filled out this data. Infinix will instantly give a response within 1×24 hours. Afterwards, Infinix’s couriers will pick up your damaged item and take it to the service center for repair.

If you want to inquire about the maintenance process and other information regarding a Pick Up Service that you take, you can visit  our official www.carlcare.com website  or by calling the official infinix service center number  at 081807921583 and emailing hotline.id@carlcare.com.

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